“The lawless witness will mock judgment, and the mouth of the wicked will swallow his words of iniquity. Judgments are readied for the scoffers, and blows for the backs of fools.” Mishlei (Proverbs) 19:28-29

Folks, I think we can say pretty confidently that we are witnessing very troubled times in the United States as of late! Unprecedented violence, protests, rioting, looting and publicized threats one thought they would only see in the sci fi movies.

Now we have literal sections of the country being overrun by violent so called protesters, the police run out and surrendered and those sections announcing how they are formally seceding from the United States to form their own country and government! Again, something we thought we would only either read about in history books or see in the latest Hollywood movies, but sadly its reality and in our faces! America is burning in fury and fear.

Law Enforcement and the rule of law is now not only shamed but now fully rejected. Many who comprise the powers that be are hard at work seeking ways to be free from any law enforcement presence, which would then allow the criminals, thugs and enemies of the United States to gain a foothold, terrorize and hold hostage the American citizens. In a nut shell, right is now wrong and wrong is now right, and all of it is and was completely avoidable!!!

I have been asked by a few people in the last few days, my assessment of what is currently blossoming inside the United States and how it pertains to my opinion of how the end will unfold. Further, a follow up question was asked as to how do we maintain ourselves in the midst of the madness around us and not be overwhelmed with the chaos, stress and fear; both are good questions. I can only provide answers based upon my own opinion and experiences, so please bear that in mind. But before we delve into the meat of this Op, as I always state, always remember the following:

– HaShem never changes per Num 23:19/Mal 3:6/Hebrews 13:8/James 1:17
– His Word is firmly established per Psalm 119:89
– He reveals the end out of the beginning per Is 46:10
– He does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets per Amos 3:7
– He says there is nothing new under the sun per Ecclesiastes 1:9
– He says His Torah is a tree of life and eternal per Proverbs 3:18-19 and Psalm 119:160
– He says His Torah is perfect and restores the soul per Psalm 19:7
– He says His Torah makes the simple one wise per Psalm 19:7
– He says His Torah Is freedom and liberty per Psalm Ps 119:45 and James 1:25
– He says His Torah is the only good doctrine there is Proverbs 4:2
– He says His Torah will add length of days and years of life and peace per Proverbs 3:2
– He says all of the ways of His Torah are ways of pleasantness and peace per Proverbs 3:17
– He says His Torah is for our good and well-being per Deuteronomy 6:24
– He says His Torah is health for our lives per Proverbs 3:8
– He says His Torah is life to our soul and a graceful ornament for our neck per Prov 3:22
– He says His Torah is better than pearls and all desires cannot compare to it per Prov 8:11
– He says those who walk with His Torah are praiseworthy per Psalms 119:1
– He says observing His Torah is how we purify our path per Psalms 119:9
– He says His Torah is better than thousands in gold and silver per Psalms 119:72
– He says His Torah brings abundant peace to those who love Him and His Torah per Psalms 119:165
– He says there is one Torah for all per Exodus 12:49/Leviticus 24:22
– He says those who hate His Torah love death per Proverbs 8:36

The verses I constantly highlight in my Op’s, which are listed above, are now more important to understand than ever before, in my opinion. We are witnessing the chaos of humanity blossom before our eyes….the fruits of man having told HaShem to take His Torah and get out. Because HaShem is just and righteous, He gives man exactly what he desires and to be separate and apart from HaShem and His Ways leaves only one option: Chaos which will lead to oppression and finally destruction.

This Op could be wrapped up right here in highlighting HaShem, the Master of the Legions of Heaven, Sovereign of all Creation, is absolutely, completely and totally unchanging (Num 23:19/Mal 3:6/Hebrews 13:8/James 1:17)! He is in absolute control over all of His Creation, nothing is too difficult for Him and He uses all things to not only teach us but to take care of us! He is completely capable of getting each of us exactly where we need to be in our relationship and walk with Him! Our job is to make sure our hearts and minds are focused upon Him despite being surrounded by insanity and madness!

In my effort to answer the question concerning how do we strengthen ourselves in the midst of all this chaos around us, the answers are, in my opinion, derived from HaShem Who has reminded me. Again, as I have repeatedly stated, it is so completely vital each of us understand and truly apply to our walks with HaShem His attribute that He reveals the end out of the beginning (Is 46:10). Why is this so important? Because it summarizes His attribute He is completely unchanging! Further, it reinforces IF He took specific events to rescue and sustain His people in the beginning, THEN He WILL do so again in the end!

Consider what we read in Shemot (Exodus) 16 when Israel, who had just been delivered and rescued by the Hand of HaShem as He waged war on Egypt on their behalf, is now in the Wilderness and uncertain as to what will happen next. HaShem then tells Israel via Moshe “Behold! I shall rain down for you food from heaven; let the people go out and pick up each day’s portion on its day, so that I can test them, whether they will follow My teaching (Torah) or not. And it shall be that on the sixth day when they prepare what they bring, it will be double what they pick every day.” So, we see HaShem is now promising to provide the daily food needs for Israel, i.e. Manna. He did this every day of the week other than Shabbat, for forty years! It is interesting to note, He specifies how much is to be taken i.e. only take enough for that one day. Why does He do this? Because He wants His people to fully trust in Him and trust that because He promised, the Manna WILL be there tomorrow and not trust in obtaining enough Manna for the next day by their own efforts. Its all about getting away from self reliance and embracing reliance upon HaShem and HaShem alone! Something MUCH easier said than actually done!

It is interesting because later in Shemot 16, HaShem commands that a jar with a full omer of Manna be placed inside of the Ark for all of the generations of Israel! Why does He command this be done? It is to be a constant reminder to Israel how HaShem provided the Manna while in the Wilderness, and since He reveals the end from the beginning, is unchanging and His Word is firmly established, then He can do so once again!

There is an interesting note in chapter 4 of Hilchot Beit HaBechirah in the Mishneh Torah by Rambam where it is discussing the container of Manna in the Ark: “Rashi relates that in the time of Jeremiah, the people rationalized the fact that they did not study Torah, because the pressures they faced in earning a livelihood. Jeremiah took the container of manna from before the Ark and exclaimed: ‘See how Elohim sustained your ancestors for forty years! Do you doubt whether He can sustain you today?'”

Jeremiah was able to use the physical object of the jar of manna as a real reminder to Israel that HaShem is unchanging, reveals the end from the beginning which again means He will do so again! Unlike humanity who constantly changes and is ruled by our emotions, HaShem knows everything from beginning to end, is in absolute control of everything and thus is not hampered with emotions except when He deems it appropriate!

Yoma 75a from the Talmud Bavli, when discussing the Manna from Heaven, gives us a little more detail based upon the verses we read from Shemot 16. It says “It is written in one verse ‘When the dew descended upon the camp at night, the manna would descend upon it’, which implies that the manna fell in the camp itself; and it is written elsewhere, ‘And the people shall go out and collect each days portion of manna’, which implies that the manna fell just outside the camp; and it is written in yet another verse, ‘The people would roam and collect’, which implies that they had to wander far from the camp before encountering the manna. How is this? How do we reconcile these three conflicting verses? We must say that the three situations described here applied to three different groups of people, as follows: For the righteous, the manna fell inside the camp at the entrance to their homes. For the average people, the manna fell just outside the camp; hence, they went out of the camp and collected their portions. For the wicked, the manna fell at a great distance from the camp, and so they roamed far afield and collected their portions.”

So, what does this excerpt from the Talmud above teach us? In my opinion, it teaches us the principle of stay close to HaShem and His Torah, and He will not just provide provisions for life, but will make them much easier to obtain as opposed to the wicked, who have to travel a great distance and have a much harder time obtaining the provisions of life. It may appear the wicked have things handed to them on a silver platter per se, but in reality, it is very short lived and their success in this life is all they will ever have, then they face the judgment in which because they rejected HaShem and His Messiah Yeshua, will sadly lose everything and be condemned to the second death. I digress.

How can this apply to our current day and time with all the madness going on around us? Again, in my opinion, it points to how each of us MUST stay close to HaShem, study and strive to live out His Torah in our lives as Messiah Yeshua demonstrated for us! He says time and again His Torah is not only the the only truth there is (Psalm 119:142) but is also a tree of life to those who take hold of it (Proverbs 3:18).

I hope you can see how understanding His attributes of being unchanging and revealing the end out of the beginning are absolutely vital to our walk and relationship with Him especially today with all the madness going on around us? Let’s keep exploring.

Yoma 75a from the Talmud Bavli goes on and says “It is written in one verse ‘I shall rain down for you bread from heaven’, and it is written elsewhere regarding the manna ‘And they made them as round cakes’, which implies that it required baking. And it is also written ‘And they ground it in a mill’, which implies that the manna fell totally unprocessed, and required even grinding. How is this? How do we reconcile these three conflicting verses? We must say that the three forms in which the manna was given correspond to the three different groups of recipients, as follows: For the righteous the manna fell in the form of bread. For the average people, the manna fell as unprocessed round cakes. For the wicked, the manna fell as kernels which they ground in a mill.”

This is very interesting, in my opinion, because HaShem is again demonstrating there are real benefits to staying close to Him and striving to live life according to His Torah! Further, Yoma 75a states “They (the people) experienced in the manna the complete taste of all food species, both their taste and their substance. The manna would adopt both the taste and the substance of any desired food.”

Can you see the compassion and mercy of HaShem here in that He doesn’t just give us our provisions, but He makes a way that our desires are met simply because of His compassion!! Now does the verse from Psalms 34:9 make more sense which says “Taste and see that HaShem is good, praiseworthy is the man who takes refuge in Him.”

I will end this quick Op here with these verses in light of what is going on around us from Psalms 31:22-24 which says “Blessed be HaShem, for He has been wondrously kind to me in the city besieged. But I said in my panic, ‘I am cut off from Your sight!’ But in truth, You heard the sound of my pleas when I cried to You. Love HaShem, all His devout ones! The truthful, HaShem safeguards!”

We are in VERY uncertain times and it is only going to get worse in the days and weeks to come, BUT, we have this great hope that because HaShem is unchanging and reveals the end from the beginning, then we can refer to the beginning and be assured He WILL act as long as we stay close to Him! Be encouraged and look up, lift up your heads, for our redemption draws closer!

Shabbat Shalom!


  • The Milstein Edition The Chumash by Artscroll
  • The Stone Edition Tanakh by Artscroll
  • The Schottenstein Edition Tractate Yoma Talmud Bavli by Artscroll

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