“May Your kindness come to me, HaShem, Your salvation, as You promised.” Psalms 119:41

I hesitated putting this Op out simply because the subject matter is very in-depth and also very controversial in nature, but I feel HaShem is directing me to embark on this topic, which will require at a minimum two separate Op’s in which this will be the first one. I will be posting them as I complete them so there may be other Op’s posted which are not continuing on in this theme. This said, I hope and pray you bear with me on this to the end.

Can we all agree life in general is nothing like it was just six months ago? The world and the country has changed and is continuing to change very rapidly now, literally by the day. COVID-19, the economic troubles, the political infighting, etc, all very important issues which are developing by the day.

Recently I have heard more and more people, all publicly talking about how they can sense in their spirits how they feel, from a biblical perspective, that HaShem is wrapping things up, the End is very near now. The beginning of the Birth Pangs of Messiah is truly at the door! This is nothing to fear, but should strengthen our hope and faith in HaShem that everything He said would happen in the End is beginning to unfold in full view of our eyes today…Baruch HaShem!! But, it is VERY important as we rapidly approach Rosh HaShanah next month i.e. 19 September 2020! Now for the record I am NOT IN ANY WAY predicting this Rosh HaShanah is the one where the Gathering occurs, I am just pointing out that it will be on A Rosh HaShanah that the Gathering occurs. Could it be this one? I do not know, but I certainly hope and pray it is!!

This said, the focus of these next two Op’s will center around Jeremiah chapters 30-31. Each Op will focus on one specific chapter of Jeremiah as well as the associated resources which are relevant to the discussion! I hope it will answer many questions, but will also challenge what we all were taught in Replacement Theology and hopefully see that tribulation does indeed beget salvation…one cannot happen without the other!

But before we can begin, always remember the following characteristics of HaShem as they are very relevant to this discussion:

  • HaShem never changes per Num 23:19/Mal 3:6/Hebrews 13:8/James 1:17
  • His Word is firmly established per Psalm 119:89
  • He reveals the end out of the beginning per Is 46:10
  • He does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets per Amos 3:7
  • He says there is nothing new under the sun per Ecclesiastes 1:9
  • He says His Torah is a tree of life and eternal per Proverbs 3:18-19 and Psalm 119:160
  • He says His Torah is perfect and restores the soul per Psalm 19:7
  • He says His Torah makes the simple one wise per Psalm 19:7
  • He says His Torah Is freedom and liberty per Psalm 119:45 and James 1:25
  • He says His Torah is the only good doctrine there is Proverbs 4:2
  • He says His Torah will add length of days and years of life and peace per Proverbs 3:2
  • He says all of the ways of His Torah are ways of pleasantness and peace per Proverbs 3:17
  • He says His Torah is for our good and well-being per Deuteronomy 6:24
  • He says His Torah is health for our lives per Proverbs 3:8
  • He says His Torah is life to our soul and a graceful ornament for our neck per Prov 3:22
  • He says His Torah is better than pearls and all desires cannot compare to it per Prov 8:11
  • He says those who walk with His Torah are praiseworthy per Psalms 119:1
  • He says observing His Torah is how we purify our path per Psalms 119:9
  • He says His Torah is better than thousands in gold and silver per Psalms 119:72
  • He says His Torah brings abundant peace to those who love Him and His Torah per Psalms 119:165
  • He says there is one Torah for all per Exodus 12:49/Leviticus 24:22
  • He says those who hate His Torah love death per Proverbs 8:36
  • He says His Torah is the way of faith per Psalms 119:29-30
  • He says His Torah makes us wiser than our enemies per Psalms 119:98
  • He says His Torah is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path per Psalms 119:105
  • He says one who finds His Torah has found life per Proverbs 8:35
  • He says one who finds His Torah has found favor from HaShem per Proverbs 8:35

The prophecies HaShem listed in Jeremiah chapters 30-31 are unique in themselves. When most of the prophecies in Jeremiah are focusing on all the terrible things which will befall Israel for the various sins, the prophecies in chapters 30-31 are different in that they address the Ultimate and Final Redemption and are intended to infuse hope in Israel until the appointed time arrives! These prophecies are in fact, ‘Prophecies of Consolation!‘ Keep all this in mind as we progress in this long study!

Here is something that may interest you…..we know HaShem has allocated a total of 7,000 years for humanity to exist on the earth…how do we know this? Six days of creation followed by one day to rest i.e. Shabbat and HaShem says that one day is as a thousand years for a grand total of 7,000 years and after that we go into the Olam Haba or otherwise known as ‘The World to Come.’ So, on the year 6,000 will begin the last one thousand years otherwise known as ‘The Day of HaShem.’ This is important to understand because currently we are in the year 5780 and on Tishrei 1 i.e. Rosh HaShanah (This year it is on Shabbat, 19 September 2020), is the beginning of the New Year and we will enter into the year 5781. Now you may say to yourself we are are a long ways away from the year 6,000, nearly 220 years away, however, it should be noted that per the Sages, there are approximately 230 years which are unaccounted for in this current counting of the year, therefore if we add the 230 to the 5780, we end up with 6,010! The point I am attempting to drive home is that we don’t know exactly what year we are in, BUT we know we are VERY, VERY close to the year 6,000 and obviously HaShem knows exactly what year it is. The beginning of the ‘Day of HaShem’ and the Birth Pangs could literally be right around the corner…Baruch HaShem, may it be so VERY soon in our days!

On a quick side note, there was a very interesting statement made recently in an article I read from Breaking Israel News in which the excerpt said the following regarding the upcoming US Presidential election and the coming of Mashiach: “Many hidden sages are saying now that one way or the other, Trump is the end,” Rabbi Fish said. “Either he wins and we have a little more time to repent or he loses and that is it. It is not by chance that the elections come right after the holidays. Five weeks after Yom Kippur, the day of judgment, the US goes to elections. And it may also be that Israel will have yet another as well. We know that on Yom Kippur, the world is on the scales of judgment but this year that is especially clear. You must choose where you are standing on the day of judgment.”

I find it very interesting that many of those keeping a watch on world events as they pertain to biblical prophecies are acknowledging that they can see Pres Trump is the finality of America one way or another. I liken it to the term which is associated with the Feasts of HaShem i.e. ‘The Last Trump’ which is synonymous with Rosh HaShanah! To clarify ‘The Great Trump’ is blown on Yom Kippur and will herald the arrival of Messiah as He marches into Jerusalem at the end of the seven year Birth Pangs and destroys the False Messiah! Point is, is it possible this idiom of ‘The Last Trump’ is more literal than we realized?

Further, it is interesting to note from Tractate Ketubot 112b from the Talmud Bavli when discussing the state of the generation of people who will witness the coming of Messiah, the Sages state “In the generation in which the Son of David (Messiah) will come there will be indictments i.e. denouncements and incitements (accusations and verbal attacks) against Torah scholars. When I (Rabbi Yirmeya bar Abba) said this before Shmuel he said: ‘The generation will undergo refinement after refinement i.e. several stages of cleansing, as it is stated ‘And if there be a tenth in it, it shall again be eaten up’ quoting Isaiah 6:13. Rav Yosef taught about the messianic era: ‘Despoilers (Pillage, sack, waste, plunder, ransack) and despoilers of despoilers will plunder Eretz Yisrael at that time.'” Gee, do we see today constant verbal attacks against Torah scholars by Christendom as well as many in the Messianic/Hebrew Roots crowds? Have we witnessed the Land of Israel constantly being ransacked, plundered, etc by the nations pressuring Israel to give up more land for so called peace? Something to keep in mind as we now jump into Jeremiah chapter 30!

Jeremiah 30 is a prophecy of Messianic times:

Jeremiah 30:1-2 which says “This is the word that came to Jeremiah from HaShem, saying: ‘Thus said HaShem, Elohim of Israel, saying: ‘Write down for yourself all these things that I am telling you into a book.'” It is interesting to pay attention too how HaShem still refers to Himself as ‘The Elohim of Israel’ even despite all the suffering and punishment which was decreed to befall Israel. Point is, again HaShem is expressing His eternal love for Israel!! Further, remember, HaShem says He does NOTHING without FIRST revealing it to His prophets!! This is why I have asked people in the past, where the prophecy is located where Replacement Theology Christendom will arise and replace Israel as HaShem’s people? Or where is the prophecy where one day the Messiah will arise and His main job will be to render the Torah of HaShem obsolete, replaced and irrelevant? Obviously there are no prophecies which state such blasphemous nonsense, but I digress!

Jeremiah 30:3 says “For behold, days are coming, the Word of HaShem, when I will return the captivity of My people Israel and Judah, said HaShem, and I will return them to the land that I gave their forefathers and they will possess it.” This idiom ‘Days are coming’ is pointing to a very specific time i.e. the End of Days, the Day of HaShem and to a very specific event i.e. the Final Redemption!

In a previous Op, we discussed who exactly comprises the 12 Tribes of Israel and how they are divided up:

The House of David is comprised of: Judah and Benjamin

The House of Israel is comprised of the remaining ten tribes, thus some refer to Israel as ‘Ten-Israel’.

Jeremiah 30:4-5 says “These are the things HaShem spoke concerning Israel and concerning Judah: For thus said HaShem: ‘A sound of terror have we heard; of fear; and not peace.'” It is interesting, the commentary on these two verses says “HaShem is quoting the nations will witness the fearsome War of Gog and Magog in the time of the Messiah. The verse refers to the battles that overthrew the Babylonian Empire.” Now why do I find this very interesting? In addition to the fact that HaShem reveals the End out of the beginning and there is nothing new under the sun, it is Russia and her allies today who will launch a surprise and devastating attack on modern Babylon i.e. America, and destroy Babylon in one literal hour, see Jeremiah 50-51. The rest of the world will witness this sudden destruction of the most powerful and wealthy nation on the earth by Russia and her allies and the world will panic i.e. “A sound of terror have we heard; of fear; and not peace.” It is this sudden destruction which will give rise to the False Messiah i.e. ‘Jesus Christ’ out of Europe, to the world stage as the nations will cede their authority to him seeking him to save the nations from Russia and their allies, and thus will begin the seven years of the Birth Pangs! Now in the sequence of events, the Gathering of HaShem’s people out of the earth to include the resurrection of the righteous, will occur just immediately before the destruction of Babylon, possibly literally minutes before. Those taken out will have been taken out to attend the Coronation of Messiah as the King in the Heavenly Temple. Those left behind on earth must endure seven years of the Birth Pangs.

Jeremiah 30:6 says “Ask now and see if a male has ever given birth. Why, then, do I see that every man puts his hand upon his loins like a woman in childbirth, and all faces turn pallid?” This verse describes the intense fear that will prevail during this time. The commentary says “Even the most hardened warriors will clutch themselves in fear and turn pallid, similar to a woman in the throes of childbirth, because they will sense that their annihilation is imminent.” It is also an idiomatic expression to describe this seven year period known as the ‘Birth Pangs’! Anytime we read in Scripture about a woman in labor, labor pains, travails of childbirth, etc, they are usually talking prophetically about these seven year Birth Pangs!

Jeremiah 30:7 says “Woe! For that day will be momentous, there is nothing like it; it will be a time of trouble for Jacob, but he shall be saved from it. Now this is a very interesting verse because HaShem is saying while it is a time of great trouble for Jacob i.e. Israel, HaShem will rescue out His Own first, leaving the unbelievers behind, who will turn to HaShem immediately thereafter!

  • Daniel 12:1-2 says “And at that time (Idiom to mean the Day of HaShem) there will stand, Michael, the great heavenly prince, who stands in support of the children of your people (Israel), and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation till that time. At that time your people will escape; everything that is found written in the book will occur. Many of those who sleep in the dusty earth shall awaken, these for everlasting life, and these for shame, for everlasting abhorrence.”
    • The commentary on these verses says: “Those who will awaken (Resurrection of the righteous) will have everlasting life, and those who will not awaken will be for shame and for everlasting abhorrence. For all the righteous, including those who repented, will live; only the unbelieving and those who died without repentance will remain.”
    • What is the point of this? Just as HaShem rescued out Noach and his family via the Ark before He destroyed the earth in the flood and just as He rescued out His Own from Egypt before destroying Egypt, He will do so once again, just before He destroys Babylon i.e. America and the rise of the False Messiah occurs concurrently thereafter.

Jeremiah 30:8 says “It shall be on that day (An idiom to mean the Day of HaShem), the Word of HaShem, Master of Legions, that I will break off the yoke of the conqueror from your neck and I will tear your straps, and foreigners will no longer enslave him.” It will be at this time that HaShem will remove the domination of foreign governments from Israel and Israel will begin to ascend in stature on the world stage.

Jeremiah 30:9 says “They will serve their Elohim and David their king, whom I will establish over them.” At this point Israel will forevermore serve HaShem and will never walk away from Him again. ‘David their king’ is a reference to Messiah Yeshua.

  • There is a teaching by the Sages found in Tractate Sanhedrin 98b in the Talmud Bavli that the literal King David will have been resurrected at this point and will be ruling as the deputy to King Messiah over Israel.

Jeremiah 30:10 says “But as for you, do not fear, My servant Jacob, the Word of HaShem, and do not be afraid, Israel; for behold, I am saving you from distant places, and your descendants from the land of their captivity, and Jacob will return and be at peace and tranquil, and none will make him afraid.” The reference to Jacob and Israel is akin to Judah and Israel as we discussed above in identifying who they are. They are the people who are scattered across the globe and at this point HaShem is gathering them all up and bringing them home into the Land. Is it possible these people are those who were not believers in HaShem at the point The Gathering occurred at the beginning the Birth Pangs and HaShem is now going to bring them home into the Land after the Birth Pangs?

Jeremiah 30:11 says “For I am with you, the Word of HaShem, to save you; for I will bring annihilation upon all the nations among whom I have dispersed you, but upon you I will not bring annihilation; I will chastise you with justice, but I will never eliminate you completely.” This is in reference to the Battle of Gog and Magog which is when HaShem will obliterate the nations, but HaShem promises He will preserve and protect Israel.

We have to remember that HaShem scattered out Israel into the world because of their rebellion and as such is the reason why Yeshua said in Matthew 15:24 that He came ONLY for the lost sheep of the House of Israel! Judah was and is still in the covenant….HaShem divorced Israel, NOT Judah, which again we discussed in the link to the previous op above. Keep this in mind for the next few verses.

Jeremiah 30:12-17 says “For thus said HaShem: Your injury is grave, your wound is acute. No one judges your wound to have a cure; medications or remedy do not exist for you. All your paramours have forgotten you, they do not inquire after you. For I struck you the blow of an enemy, with a cruel reproof, because of your many sins, your transgressions that were so numerous. How can you cry out over your injury, over your pain that is graves? It is because of your many sins, your transgressions that were so numerous, that I inflicted these upon you! Nevertheless, all who devoured you shall themselves be devoured; all who oppressed you will all go into captivity; who trampled you will be trampled; and all who despoiled you, I shall deliver to become spoils. For I will make a cure for you, and I will heal you from your wounds, the Word of HaShem; although they called you ‘Discarded! saying ‘She is Zion, no one cares about her!'”

  • The commentary to these verses is very interesting and says “Driven from her land, expelled from other lands, poverty stricken, brutally beaten and murdered, reviled by her hosts, abandoned by her friends, and struggling spiritually, the nation absorbs cruel and murderous blows as an atonement for her sins and as a purification that will prepare her for the ultimate redemption. The tribulations are so great that the nations of the world assume that HaShem has abandoned the Jews and chosen others in their stead. HaShem swears to take revenge against the oppressors and heal the nation. Although the nations claim to be acting as agents of HaShem to bring atonement upon the Jews, they will nevertheless be annihilated for acting with impunity.”
  • How many times have we read from various Christian doctrinal sources that, to paraphrase, Israel blew it and now HaShem has replaced Israel with a whole new group i.e. the Church of Christendom? Again, this is pure Replacement Theology and this verse here i.e. Jeremiah 30:17 tells us this would be stated and taught in the End of Days.

Jeremiah 30:18 says “Thus said HaShem: Behold, I am returning the captivity of the tents of Jacob and I will have mercy on his abodes, and the City (Jerusalem) will be built upon its hill, and the Palace will sit in its proper place.” This one verse right here utterly destroys Replacement Theology Christian doctrine! Why? Because HaShem promises to not only return Jacob to the Land, but He will settle Jacob in Jerusalem which will be fully rebuilt in its original location. Further, the Palace will sit in its proper place is speaking directly to the Temple of HaShem which will sit on the Temple Mount i.e. its original location and to the right of the Temple will sit the Palace of the King, i.e. King Messiah i.e. who will sit at the right hand of HaShem. Remember the Temple in Jerusalem is the Throne of HaShem on the earth and the King of Israel will sit at His right hand! So all those who adhere to the ludicrous doctrine that the Temple was originally located down in the City of David, again have been exposed as a false doctrine out of the pit of Hell itself. I digress.

Further, the commentary on this verse highlights the importance of the Hebrew letter ‘Vav’ which is used in the name of ‘Jacob’ or ‘Yaakov’. The letter Vav has the numerical value of six and represents the Messiah, who is described with six attributes which are listed in Isaiah 11:2 “The Spirit of HaShem will rest upon Him”:

  • A spirit of Wisdom
  • A spirit of Understanding
  • A spirit of Counsel
  • A spirit of Strength
  • A spirit of Knowledge
  • A spirit of Fear of HaShem

All of these six attributes are vital and very important in helping identify who Messiah is, but the greatest one of these six is the Fear of HaShem! It denotes being a true Servant of HaShem, just as Moshe was considered to be a Servant of HaShem, so too must the real Messiah be as well. I point this out because once more does the one Replacement Theology claim to be the Messiah fit this description? No, that one does NOT fit the description of who the Messiah must be simply because that one points to himself and claims to be HaShem…does that mean he fears himself then? Obviously not. I digress. For further information discussing what fearing HaShem looks like, I would direct you to the recent Op I did discussing this very topic:

Jeremiah 30:19 says “The sound of thanksgiving and the sound of merrymaking will emanate from them; I will multiply them, and they will not be diminished; and I will make them heavy of number, and they will not dwindle.” Consider what the commentary on this verse says “There will be outpourings of thanksgiving to HaShem in gratitude for His abundant blessing. The sound of thanksgiving will emanate from the synagogues and the reverberations of Torah learning from the study halls. Torah study is described as ‘Merrymaking’ because all the learned scholars will understand the Torah thoroughly, without dispute. They will not debate its meaning due to differences of opinion, as is the norm prior to the Ultimate Redemption. Their study will be characterized by undiluted joy and happiness with each other and the Torah.” What a day this will be!! All I can say is may it be so VERY, VERY soon in our days!!

Jeremiah 30:20 says “His (Jacob’s) sons will be beloved as in the past, and his assembly will be established before Me, and I shall deal with all his oppressors.” Consider what Hosea 2:1 says: “Yet the number of the Children of Israel will be like the sand of the sea, which can neither be measured nor counted; and it will happen that in the place of their exile where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ it will be said to them, ‘Children of the living Elohim.'”

The reference here to how the assembly of Jacob will be established before HaShem is a reference to HaShem resting His Presence among them i.e. His Temple as well as rest His Spirit upon the Sanhedrin which will rule on how to walk in the Torah of HaShem i.e. the Oral Torah! Can you see once more the Torah of HaShem, His Temple, the Oral Torah, etc, were never ended, replaced, displaced, rejected, tossed aside as being something HaShem up and decided He didn’t want any longer? He is restoring all of Israel and that includes the Torah, the Oral Torah, His Temple, etc! Nothing changed because He never changes! Baruch HaShem!

Jeremiah 30:21 says “His leader will be from his midst and his ruler will emerge from within him. I will bring him close and then he will be able to approach Me; for who then would embolden his heart to approach Me? The Word of HaShem.” This verse is speaks of the Messiah emerging from within Jacob and He will rule as King over all of Israel! Further, Messiah will have a special relationship with HaShem like past leaders of Israel such as Moshe, Aaron and David, which again aces out the one Replacement Theology props up as being the Messiah.

Jeremiah 30:22 says “You will be a people unto Me, and I will be an Elohim unto you.” This verse here again reinforces that one day, may it be very soon, all of Israel will be under the leadership of Messiah as King and the entire nation will be completely righteous, Torah observant in service to HaShem! May that day come very quickly!

Jeremiah 30:23-25 says “Behold, the storm of HaShem: A rage shall go forth, a tempest shall seek rest; it will rest upon the head of the wicked. HaShem’s burning wrath will not recede until He has accomplished it, and until He has upheld the plans of His heart. In the End of Days you will be able to understand it. At that time, the Word of HaShem, I will be an Elohim for all the families of Israel, and they will be a people for Me.” These verses here describe the fury and rage of HaShem which will settle upon the nations of the world who persecuted Israel. It will be at this time that although Israel has waited for HaShem to act, we will see that His biding His time was not because He forgave the nations for their mistreatment of Israel, but because of His justice. Again, may it be so VERY, VERY soon in our days!

One final thought before closing this Op, why is every prophecy HaShem gives always concerns Judah and Israel in some fashion or another? I ask this rhetorical question because I read constantly from many leaders of Replacement Theology that HaShem is finished with Israel and has now replaced Israel with Christianity as being the people He desires. Again, its an insane doctrine because the only way to make it work is for HaShem to be revealed as a liar and a fraud for He would have to go back on His Word, which we know for a fact He is NOT! So which is it? Is HaShem a liar or is Replacement Theology a liar? Is He going to restore Christianity in the city of Jerusalem? Or is He going to restore Israel in the city of Jerusalem? You see the point I am trying to make? He has only one people Whom He calls Israel….ALL are invited and encouraged to come into the covenant with HaShem, but once a person enters into that covenant, now we must live as He commands Israel to live i.e. His Torah. Not to obtain or maintain salvation, but as the evidence of being redeemed by HaShem through faith.

We may not know anything about the Torah, but as we see in Acts 15 neither did the non-Jewish believers either and as such they began their journey knowing they would meet in the synagogues each Shabbat and hear Moshe (Torah) taught. They would grow and mature more and more each week. Its a long process and it is not quick either and we who are in the exile today are even more limited and restricted than those in Acts 15 were and as such we can only do so much and HaShem knows that. We do the best we can but desire to be perfect out of love, devotion and loyalty unto HaShem because He is worthy and deserving of it!

So while our lives today are wracked with ever increasing troubles and pressures, HaShem is using it and will one day, I pray very, very soon, bring about our Final Redemption! We can see via His pattern throughout history that tribulation does indeed beget salvation….therefore I hope and pray that our redemption is VERY, VERY near today.

Much to consider.



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