“You Son of Adam! Tell the family of Israel of the Temple and let them be ashamed of their sins, and measure the design. And if they are ashamed, the form (Blueprint) of the House and its design, its exits and entrances, and all its appearance, its laws, all its decoration, and all its regulations make known to them and write it down before their eyes, that they may remember its form and its decrees and perform them.” Ezekiel 43:10-11

“The time, space and objects that are limited to us through the agency of kedusha (Holiness) are signs that as HaShem’s covenantal partners, we must relinquish some control in every sphere of our existence and reserve those elements for His service!” Joseph Good of HaTikvah Ministries – Jerusalem Temple Study

I strongly encourage you to obtain the Second Temple App designed by both Joseph Good of HaTikvah Ministries and Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah Ministries and you too can immerse yourself and explore the Temple of HaShem unlike never before!



    November 27, 2021 by

    “With the trustworthy You act trustingly and with the crooked You act perversely. For You save the afflicted nation and haughty eyes You bring down low. For it is You Who will light my lamp, HaShem, my Elohim, will illuminate my darkness.” Psalms 18:27-29 As I put this Op together, it is Shabbat, 27 November… Read more


    October 8, 2021 by

    “There is a time when HaShem will act, they voided Your Torah.” Psalms 119:126 As I put this Op together it is 8 October 2021, the eve of Shabbat, Baruch HaShem! The level of insanity we are witnessing consume our world, country and society as of late is truly astounding and disturbing! Despotic tyrants solidifying… Read more

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