My goal is to update every morning or as warranted with significant events, so check back often if you are interested. For the record, it is my opinion, world events and especially events that center around Israel, Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, etc, are all indicators and events to pay attention too. HaShem said we would not know the day nor the hour, but He still gives clues and indicators for us to pay attention too. Further, I firmly believe HaShem is laying out the evidence of corruption and sin, as in a court case, for why, when that day arrives, Babylon (America) will be destroyed per Jeremiah 50-51 which then will set up for the rise of the False Messiah and the seven years of the Birth Pains. ***NOTE: All news links are derived from the Public Domain.

27 SEP 23

26 SEP 23

25 SEP 23

24 SEP 23

23 SEP 23

22 SEP 23

21 SEP 23

20 SEP 23

19 SEP 23

18 SEP 23

17 SEP 23

16 SEP 23

15 SEP 23

14 SEP 23

13 SEP 23

12 SEP 23

11 SEP 23

10 SEP 23

9 SEP 23

8 SEP 23

7 SEP 23

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