“For a commandment is a lamp and the Torah is light; and reproving discipline is the way of life, to guard you from an evil woman (Idiom for idolatry), from the smoothness of a foreign woman’s tongue.” Proverbs 6:23-24

As of late, the cyber world is ablaze in discussions concerning the End of Days, end of the world, end times prophecies, etc. However, many of these discussions are also delving into very heated discussions concerning the validity of the Torah of HaShem today. Many of the adherents of Replacement Theology are digging in their heels per se, in absolute defiance to the validity and applicability of the Torah of HaShem to people today in 2020. The name calling and slandering is very intense and frankly I rarely participate as it is truly a prime example of just shaking the dust off your feet and move on to better things.

These discussions however, have led me to decide perhaps it is time to post another Op reinforcing how the Torah of HaShem is truly the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven i.e. it is the way we all will live for all eternity if we are to enter HaShem’s Kingdom. There is no debate on this….HaShem, the Great King is the One Who has established this and there isn’t a force in existence which can ever change this…besides, why would a person not want to live out His Torah? The blessings are astounding and the opportunity to develop a true, lasting and personal relationship with HaShem is beyond compare.

Now for this Op it is my plan to focus on a few examples which will require us to dive into the deep end of the pool per se and will culminate with what we read in the Apostolic Writings concerning Yeshua celebrating ‘The Water Libation Ceremony’ in the Temple on Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) and the significance of this event!

I will interject this statement right here and please keep it in mind as you proceed in this Op….Yeshua did NOT come to start a new religion called ‘Christianity’ as Replacement Theology teaches. He is a Torah observant Orthodox Jew Who came as the Agent of HaShem to restore and renew the covenant which was broken! He Himself, from His Own words state “I was sent ONLY for the lost sheep of the House of Israel!” per Matthew 15:24. In coming for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, who are scattered across the globe in the exile, He also gathers in all those who are not of Israel, who wish to serve HaShem, thus the entire world has the opportunity to be gathered into the Kingdom of HaShem, Baruch HaShem! But we will discuss this further later on. In the meantime, always remember the following because it never changes:

– HaShem never changes per Num 23:19/Mal 3:6/Hebrews 13:8/James 1:17
– His Word is firmly established per Psalm 119:89
– He reveals the end out of the beginning per Is 46:10
– He does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets per Amos 3:7
– He says there is nothing new under the sun per Ecclesiastes 1:9
– He says His Torah is eternal per Proverbs 3:19 and Psalm 119:160
– He says His Torah is perfect and restores the soul per Psalm 19:7
– He says His Torah makes the simple one wise per Psalm 19:7
– He says His Torah Is freedom and liberty per Psalm Ps 119:45 and James 1:25
– He says His Torah is the only good doctrine there is Proverbs 4:2
– He says His Torah will add length of days and years of life and peace per Proverbs 3:2
– He says all of the ways of His Torah are ways of pleasantness and peace per Proverbs 3:17
– He says His Torah is for our good and well-being per Deuteronomy 6:24
– He says His Torah is health for our lives per Proverbs 3:8
– He says His Torah is life to our soul and a graceful ornament for our neck per Prov 3:22
– He says His Torah is better than pearls and all desires cannot compare to it per Prov 8:11
– He says those who walk with His Torah are praiseworthy per Psalms 119:1
– He says observing His Torah is how we purify our path per Psalms 119:9
– He says His Torah is better than thousands in gold and silver per Psalms 119:72
– He says His Torah brings abundant peace to those who love Him and His Torah per Psalms 119:165
– He says there is one Torah for all per Exodus 12:49/Leviticus 24:22
– He says those who hate His Torah love death per Proverbs 8:36

The word ‘Torah’ is a Hebrew word which means “Instruction”. It also has a Hebraic pictographic image which shows a loving Father pointing with His finger the way to walk. It is NOT bondage, legalism, destruction, death, etc, which has sadly been taught by Replacement Theology Christendom for centuries now. Torah is truly a system of government HaShem has established for our blessing and to sustain our lives here and now as His people Whom He calls ‘Israel’ comprised of everyone regardless of DNA who wishes to serve HaShem and walk in His ways.

He has established His Own court system i.e. The Sanhedrin imbued with His authority and anointing to render rulings on how to walk in His Torah and to preserve and render justice within the Kingdom per Shemot (Exodus) 18:21-23 and Devarim (Deuteronomy) 17:8-13. He has established His annual Moedim (Feasts) which are literally appointments we have with the Great King i.e. Pesach, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Shavuot, Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. He has established which three of the seven of the annual Moedim all of Israel is to present ourselves before the Great King in His Temple i.e. Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot. He has established His weekly Shabbat as well as established what is and isn’t considered to be food in His Kingdom. He has established the place and system of protocols for how and when He as our Great King is to be approached and interacted with i.e. His Temple in Jerusalem and officiated by the Kohanim (Priests) and Levites. He has commanded if we are to be His people then we must be kadosh (Holy i.e. set apart from the world) as He is kadosh (Holy) per Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:2 as well as 1 Peter 1:16, and the Torah is the ONLY way to we can strive to do that.

HaShem has established four specific calendars for His Kingdom, which we have discussed in previous Ops (, but for review – The Calendars of HaShem are vital we learn and adopt into our lives because it is the calendars of the Kingdom of HaShem. Now I know in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic world, of which I am not a part of either, there are many different calendars as well as many opinions which unfortunately tend to end with many disagreements and arguments. This being said, the biblical months we find in His Word are as follows:

  1. Tishrei
  2. Cheshvan
  3. Kislev
  4. Tevet
  5. Shevat
  6. Adar
  7. Nissan
  8. Iyar
  9. Sivan
  10. Tammuz
  11. Av
  12. Elul

How do we understand His calendars? Well there are two main calendar systems HaShem uses in His Word i.e. the Civil Calendar and the Religious Calendar. The Civil Calendar begins with the month of Tishrei and it remains like this from Genesis 1 through Exodus 11. Then HaShem switches the calendar and in Exodus 12 the month of Nissan becomes the first month since it is the month the Exodus from Egypt occurs and it remains this way through Revelation 22.

The Mishnah for Rosh HaShanah says “There are FOUR New Year days (In the calendar of HaShem): On the first of Nissan is the new year for the reckoning of the reigns of Jewish Kings and for establishing the order of the annual Feasts (Moedim). On the first of Elul is the new year for the bikkurim (Tithe) of animals. The first of Tishrei is the new year for reckoning the years, for the Sabbatical years and for the Jubilee years, for the planting of trees and for the vegetables. On the first of Shevat is the new year for the tree.”

Then it goes on to further state “At FOUR junctures of the year the world is judged: On Pesach (Passover) for the grain (HaShem will at this time determine if the harvest will be meager or plentiful); on Shavuot for the fruit of the tree (HaShem will at this time determine if the harvest of the fruit will be meager or plentiful); on Rosh HaShanah all who walk the earth pass before Hm like young sheep (At this time everyone’s names are sealed in either the Book of Life or the Book of Death or remain in the Book of the Intermediary as they still haven’t made their choice on who to serve), and on the Festival i.e. Sukkot when they are judged for the water (HaShem will determine how much rain the world will receive for that year).” 

Then we have the Tithing Season which HaShem reinforces in 2 Chronicles 31:6-7 in which He restates the First Tithe will be brought in to the Temple during the biblical month of Sivan on the Feast of Shavuot. Then the Second Tithe will be brought in to the Temple on the Feast of Sukkot in the Fall. He then has established a seven year tithing cycle per Devarim (Deuteronomy 14 and 15) which its purpose per Devarim 14:23 is “So that you will learn to fear HaShem, your Elohim, all the days”:

  • 1st Year – Person gathers the tithes and brings them to the Temple and may eat them inside the walls of Jerusalem after presenting them to HaShem.
  • 2nd Year – Person gathers the tithes and brings them to the Temple and may eat them inside the walls of Jerusalem after presenting them to HaShem.
  • 3rd Year – The tithes are given to the Levites in the Temple and they eat them.
  • 4th Year – Person gathers the tithes and brings them to the Temple and may eat them inside the walls of Jerusalem after presenting them to HaShem.
  • 5th Year – Person gathers the tithes and brings them to the Temple and may eat them inside the walls of Jerusalem after presenting them to HaShem.
  • 6th Year – The tithes are given to the Levites in the Temple and they eat them.
  • 7th Year – No tithes are gathered as it is a Shmita (Rest) and then the following year the cycle renews.

Now what is very interesting regarding these seven year tithing cycles is what HaShem says in Devarim 31:10-13 which says “Moshe commanded them, saying, ‘At the end of seven years, at the time of the Shmita, during the Sukkot festival, when all Israel comes to appear before HaShem, your Elohim, in the place that He will choose (The Temple in Jerusalem), you shall read this Torah before all Israel, in their ears. Gather together the people, the men, the women, and the small children, and your stranger who is in your cities, so that they will hear and so they will learn, and they shall fear HaShem, your Elohim, and be careful to perform all the words of this Torah. And their children who do not know, they shall hear and they shall learn to fear HaShem, your Elohim, all the days that you live on the Land to which you are crossing the Jordan, to possess it.'”

WOW…these verses right here, among many others, again just destroys Replacement Theology Christendom and its Torah rejecting doctrine! How? Because read carefully these verses how everyone, men, women, children AND the strangers are all gathered in the parts of the Temple each group can enter, and they ALL are taught the entire Torah so that they shall perform the Torah in service to HaShem! The strangers are the non-Jews who are living with Israel in the Land…today we would say they are gentiles and they are given the Torah just like Israel is given the Torah and the non-Jews are required to obey and walk in the Torah of HaShem just like He commands Israel to walk in the Torah of HaShem!! Remember He says there is ONE Torah for both the Israelite and the stranger per Shemot (Exodus) 12:49 and Vayikra (Leviticus) 24:22! Since HaShem never changes, there is nothing new under the sun, He reveals the end from the beginning, then this means Torah IS for EVERYONE!

So with all this said, let’s now jump to Yochanan (John) 7:37 which says “And on the last day, the great day of the Festival (Sukkot), Yeshua stood and cried out saying: ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me, and let him who believes in Me drink.'” What does this verse mean? Remember Sukkot is ALL about celebrating and joy…it is a rehearsal and is THE Feast of the year and is prophesied to be the Feast were we all will celebrate after Yeshua marches into Jerusalem, defeats and destroys the False Messiah and the enemies of Israel are obliterated from the planet! I digress.

Well, we know Yeshua is in the Temple on the last day of Sukkot and He is making a statement referencing drinking living water. Isaiah 12:3 says “You can draw water with joy from the springs of salvation (Yeshua).” The commentary on this verse is very interesting and says “The prophet Isaiah metaphorically describes the unending blessing and salvation that will be prevalent at that time (The Day of HaShem). When one has a spring, from which to draw, he never doubts his water supply because a spring always flows with fresh, bubbling water. Such a fortunate person is always happy. So, too, will it be in Messianic times. Because their salvation will come from HaShem, a never ending spring of compassion, miracles an salvation, they will always joyously draw from it. Alternatively, HaShem’s salvation will open the hearts and minds of the people and enable them to understand the secrets of the Torah that had been forgotten during the long bitter exile. The salvation will then serve to reveal a fountain from which the people can draw words of Torah, which is likened to water.”

To get more context let’s go to the Mishnah and see what is happening during Sukkot and the significance of the last day of this Festival.

Tractate Sukkah 5:1 from the Mishnah says “The flute on five or on six. This was the flute of Beit Ha-Sho’evah, The House of the Water Drawing (Ceremony), since it does not override the Shabbat or Yom Tov. They said: ‘Whoever has not seen the rejoicing of the Beit Ha-Sho’evah had never seen rejoicing in his life.'”

Okay, so we are seeing there is a specific ceremony involving drawing water on each of the eight days of this Feast as well as on the last day of Sukkot and that it is a ceremony which has rejoicing and celebrating as its core reason!

So how was this ceremony performed? Per Sukkah 4.9 in the Mishnah it says “How was the Water Libation observed? A golden flagon holding three logs of water would be filled from the Shiloach (A fresh water spring in Jerusalem south of the Temple near the City of David). When they reached the Water Gate (One of the southern gates of the Temple Courtyard, so named since through it the flagon of water for the libation on Sukkot would be carried into the Temple precincts), they sounded a Teki’ah, Teru’ah and Teki’ah (Types of blasts of the trumpet in order to comply with the prophecy ‘And with joy, shall you draw water’ quoting Isaiah 12:3). He (The Kohen selected for this right) would ascend the ramp (On the Mizbe’ach/Altar) and turn to his left (To the southwestern horn/corner of the Altar, where the libations are poured). Two bowls of silver stood there. And both had apertures like two thin snouts. One hole was wide, while the other was narrow, so that both might empty at the same time. The western bowl was for water; the eastern bowl was for wine. If he poured of water into the wine or of wine into the water bowl he has fulfilled.”

It is interesting to note the Sadducee’s rejected this ceremony because it is expounded upon in the Oral Torah i.e. the Mishnah/Talmud, etc. The Sadducee’s rejected anything which came from the Oral Torah. The basis for this ceremony can be found in the Torah, in Bamidbar (Numbers) 29:19 in which the Hebrew letters of this verse contain the word ‘Beit Ha-Sho’evah!’

So what is the significance of this ceremony as it relates to Yeshua? Isaiah 12:3 is a prophecy of the Messianic era and likens living water to the Torah of HaShem and during the Messianic era, when Yeshua is ruling, Torah will flow forth from Jerusalem into all the world. Then we have Yeshua Himself participating in this ceremony as He is in the Temple rejoicing with the people, which again means Yeshua is NOT a Sadducee and He does support the Oral Torah as we can see from several verses in the Apostolic Writings, not just this one in Yochanan! He cries out for everyone to come to Him to drink which is an idiomatic way of telling everyone in the Temple He is the Tzemach (The Branch), the Mighty Right Arm of HaShem, the Messiah, the Son of Elohim (A scriptural idiom to mean the King of Israel as all kings of Israel from the line of David are called ‘The Son of Elohim). The point is, again we see Yeshua and Torah go hand in hand…get rid of the Torah and you have tossed aside Yeshua, which is why I will to my dying breath completely and totally reject the ‘Jesus Christ’ of Replacement Theology!

Consider the following excerpts from a very good book I recommend people purchase entitled ‘Jewish Secrets Hidden in the New Testament’ by Rabbi Avraham Feld. On pages 310-312 it states: “The author in this review from a Halachic Jewish platform, has thus far extracted from the New Testament (NT) Scriptures itself, massive and convincing evidence that the ‘Gospel of the NT’ is in fact based NOT on Christian fundamentals which had been accorded it, but on true, ancient Halachic Oral Torah (Mishnah/Talmud) principles. It should be convincingly clear therefore, as more and more Hebraic Restorers are discovering and proclaiming:

  • The NT Gospel is NOT a Gospel which frees you from all obligations. It does NOT put the responsibility on G-d to save you by Grace only ‘Because He understands and forgives your inability to comply with His stringent and impossible Laws’
  • That the NT Gospel is NOT a Gospel which has done away with the Laws of G-d, ‘nailing them to the Cross.’
  • That the NT Gospel is NOT a Gospel which ‘annulled the Old Jewish’ Covenant and replaced it with a ‘New Covenant of Love and Grace only.’
  • That the NT Gospel is NOT a Gospel which transplanted the ‘Old and outdated, burdensome religion of Judaism with a new, revitalized religion of freedom in the spirit.’

But according to these hidden Jewish Secrets in the NT it IS a ‘Hebraic Gospel’ which is based upon the ETERNAL PROMISES to Avraham and Israel and conditional upon compliance with the Torah Requirements of the Covenant.

The need to observe the Law according to Jewish teachings and the Mosaic Code has been well hidden under cover of alternative translations in the NT. Following is a perfect example of this:

  • The Greek word ‘Paradosis’ according to Strong’s Concordance G3862 refers to: transmission, that is, concretely a precept; specifically the Jewish traditionary law: – ordinance, tradition. The word ‘Paradosis’ has been used in the following texts, translated as ‘doctrines’ and ‘teachings’:
  • I Cor 11:2 ‘But I praise you brothers, that in all things you have remembered me, and even as I delivered them to you, you hold fast the doctrines.’
  • 2 Tim 2:15 ‘So, then, brothers, stand firm and strongly hold the teachings you were taught, whether by word or by our letter.’
  • 2 Tim 3:6 ‘…draw yourselves back from every brother walking disorderly\way, and not according to the teaching which you received from us.’

Why on earth then should Jews be expected to accept this non-Hebraic Faith and Torah-rejecting ‘Messiah’ presented by Christianity?

G-d is perfect and He does not change. He does not change a Perfect System.

The Gospel of Salvation offers the same ultimate benefit to all mankind, whether you are physically part of His Covenant People or part of the other nations. The ultimate reward is eternal life in the physical Kingdom of G-d. The compliance parameters are also the same for Jews as for non-Jews i.e. observance of G-d’s Laws and Customs.

The authentic Hebrew Gospel has been contorted and replaced by a watered down version of ‘Grace only’ and ‘Holy Spirit’ inspired licentious anti-Torah ‘Gospel’, to deceive and mislead the personal believer.”

I hope once again people will be able to see the Torah of HaShem IS truly a system of government that has NOT changed, has NOT been replaced, has NOT been tossed aside nor ‘fulfilled’ as Replacement Theology Christendom twists and spins the meaning of the word.

Torah on the flip side is peaceful, light, joy, blessing, fulfillment, purpose, as satiating as when drinking clear, cold living water on a hot dry day in the desert. Torah is like blooming roses with the colors and fragrance. Torah can be experienced by all of our senses HaShem has blessed us with. Torah is life!

This is the purpose of this Op, to simply once more an attempt to refute all the Replacement Theology garbage being poured out on the various blogs which are leading so many to their ruin! My angst is NOT with the people, but with the doctrine and teachings of Replacement Theology which is stealing away peoples lives, their hopes and their futures all for what? Futile idolatry.

I take great hope in the prophecy HaShem gave as recorded in Zechariah 8:23 which says “Thus said HaShem, Master of Legions: In those days (A reference to the End of Days) it will happen that ten men (Gentiles) of all the different languages of the nations will take hold, they will take hold of the corner of the tallit of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that HaShem is with you!'” This is happening right now today!!! Baruch HaShem!

May it be VERY soon in our days!!



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